Graphic Design


It's an art.  And it's one we take very seriously.  The concepts we design become immortal
identifiers of our customers.  Furthermore, they serve as a testament of our ability to serve
them.  We strive to put the personality and identity of the client into the materials they publish.

And now with the online world emerging, our designs are becoming more and more ubiquitous
as they spread towebsites, posts, and Facebook pages.  Our layout masters work together
to bring you great design work at a fraction of the cost you would pay anywhere else.

Speaking of which, here's how we charge for design and typesetting:

$35.00/hour: We retain the rights to the artwork we design, and keep it in your
customer file.  When you reuse the artwork in any capactiy, you are not charged.

$75.00/hour: We design the artwork and you keep the vectorized files.
This option really makes sense only if you are moving far away,
or charging royalties on use of the designed materials.